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Trading for Credit Policy

Trading for Credit Policy

Salt & Light Learning’s Trade Policy 

Published by Kathleen Lollar · October 29, 2015

Our main source of inventory is based on trade-in’s.  Trade-in credit is available immediately and your books are purchased with credit by Salt & Light Learning at this time and become S&LL’s property


Trade-in Procedures:

  1. Check with us for the best time for you to bring your products into the store, as we have limited space. June, July, and August are difficult months for processing books.  We love selling your books, but please consider alternative months to drop them off.
  2. Kathy will go through your merchandise and decide what to sell in the store.  She will then work up a credit amount.  This may take some time, as she wants to give you the best return she’s able.
  3. We will need your name and telephone number for future notification purposes. It is YOUR responsibility to notify us of any telephone number changes. If we can’t reach you, see Dormant Accounts below.
  4. When bringing your products in for a credit evaluation, you may leave your merchandise overnight, allowing Kathy time to go through your box(es).
  5. Kathy, or co-worker, will let you know the credit the store can offer. Upon your approval of the amount, it will be entered into Quickbooks.  This credit is now available for your use. This credit has no deadline for expiration, except if your account is dormant for 3 years (see Dormant Accounts below).
  6. If, upon notification of the credit, you decide to take back your products, it must be done within 3 full business days, as our space is limited. If no attempt is made to pick them up, or you fail to notify us of a change in pickup day, the items will be donated to Salt & Light Learning.


Using Your Credit:

  1. In order to keep the store running, when you’re making a purchase, we ask that half the purchase amount be credit and the other half money of some kind.  If finances are tight, we understand that this might be difficult and would be willing to work with you on what works best for your situation.
  2. You may gift your credit to another family, but must notify us yourself, not through the family.


Items We Cannot Use: 

  1. You may donate these products to the store for our FREE BOX.
  2. If you choose not to donate your products, they must be picked up within 3 full business days.  If no attempt is made to pick them up, or you fail to notify us of a change in pickup day, the items will be donated to Salt & Light Learning.


Dormant Accounts:

  1. If your account is Dormant for over 3 years, we will attempt to contact you as a reminder that you have credit in the store.  If S&LL is unable to contact you by telephone or any other way we have of contacting you (no longer a working number or mail is returned to us as undeliverable), this amount will become part of the store’s “Blessing Account” for the course of the next 2 years for blessing families going through difficult times.  If, after this time, there is still an amount outstanding, this amount will be absorbed back into Salt & Light Learning for operating expenses. 

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