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"The Enormous Egg" Quick Book Review by Kathleen Lollar

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The Enormous Egg, by Oliver Butterworth, Illustrated by Louis Darling…a Quick Review by Kathleen Lollar

Imagine that you’re 12 years old, you’re faithful to complete your chores every day, and one of your hens lays an unusually large, oddly textured egg. The mystery ensues as we wait and wait to see what actually hatches from “The Enormous Egg”. Once it hatches, then the adventure truly begins on discovering what it is and how to adequately care for it.

I would recommend this book for the pre-teen reader. The storyline moves quickly and is adept at keeping your interest (even kept mine…a little past my pre-teen’s). Loved the illustrations by Louis Darling.

It could be a fun assignment to have your child write out their own story based on my first paragraph, above, before reading Oliver Butterworth’s version. If your child writes a story, bring it by Salt & Light Learning. I’d love to read it!

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We are excited about the possibilities this new website offers.  Not only can we offer a much more up-to-date database of what's currently in our store warehouse, but the ability to communicate about new products, book reviews by various people from different perspectives, and also to let you know should the store be closed for unforeseen reasons.  [...]

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